Objective: Provide a comprehensive safety program for the RV community with the goal of reducing the RV accident/fatality rates substantially LOWER than the General Aviation (GA) rates.  It is an ambitious goal but the caliber of the RV pilot community and the proven RV aircraft design makes it achievable.

For those who wish to identify and correct weak areas in their piloting, decision-making, etc, welcome to RV Flight Safety and we applaud your growth as an AVIATOR.

Overview: In early 2011, the high fatality rate in the Experimental aircraft community drew the attention of the FAA.  Simply put, the reported message was “Fix the problem or we (FAA) will.”

According to the 2010 Joseph T. Nall Report

“Accidents in amateur-built aircraft remain a major contributor to the overall non-commercial accident rates.  In 2009, the accident rate among amateur-built aircraft was just under four times the rate for type-certificated aircraft, and their fatal accident rate was more than six and a half times higher.” (Source:  2010 Nall Report, page 37)

This website is the result of the efforts of several RV pilots who saw a need to be proactive in the effort to make the safety record of RV pilots the envy of the GA community.

The RV safety program is a comprehensive combination of coursework, airmanship improvement, aircraft construction/maintenance improvement and professional development.

To start the safety program, go to the “Safety Program” link along the top and select “Introduction” or click here.

Use by other groups:   This program was initially developed for the RV community.  Any instructor, RV group, non-RV aviation group, etc is free to use any or all of it.